Earth is Calling - Symphony of Possiblities Grouptaster

Sep 05,2021 Zoom

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Is the earth calling you? What contribution can you be for the earth and for the creation of the future with the earth now? What if it is about receiving, from the earth, from yourself, from the universe?

A symphony of possibilities session has the potential to invite you into the space of infinite possibilities and invites you to be more of the creative energies that create the future as something completely new.

A SOP Grouptaster with the earth, opens the space of connection with the earth, more and more and more. When you enter to create with the earth, what possibilities are then possible for you with joy, ease and glory?

Lie back and relax. Allow yourself to invite a total new reality to your life.

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Sep 05,2021 @ 08:00:00pm



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Rosmarie Manz


Earth is Calling - Symphony of Possiblities Grouptaster


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